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Will Nets, Magic Battle for Beasley?

Ken Berger writes Thursday about trade prospects beyond the Dwightmare and suggests that if it looks like Orlando will keep Howard, the Nets might trade for Michael Beasley. It would help show Howard they're upgrading their roster, writes Berger. But in the meantime, the Magic may make a bid for the 6'10" forward for the very same reason.

It's no secret that Minnesota is likely to trade Michael Beasley, with the most interested potential suitors being the Boston, the Lakers and Orlando. The Magic are pursuing multiple avenues in an attempt to improve the team in the hopes that a long playoff run could persuade Howard to stay. If Orlando holds off on trading Howard at the deadline, sources say Beasley could be a viable piece for the Nets to add as they try to upgrade their talent to make the team more attractive to Howard and Deron Williams.

How much interest the Nets have in Beasley is questionable. He is represented by Jeff Schwartz, who is also D-Will's agent.