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For Howard And The Nets, It's About "Show Me The Money"


Ken Berger takes a long look Thursday at one of the factors that makes Brooklyn so attractive to Dwight Howard: the potential for global exposure and the money that goes with playing in a big market with another star. Berger doesn't quantify the financial advantage Howard would get in moving from Central Florida to New York City, but he does discuss how much Deron Williams and Chris Paul have made moving from small markets to New York and L.A.

"If Dwight and Deron can have a great partnership and the ability to go into this new arena, they can create something special," a sports marketing executive says. "They may not win immediately, but to build a team and a franchise around them in a market such as that, I think is a really unique opportunity that you don't get very often."

And Howard already has the experience of D-Will to draw on. "In the last eight or nine months, Deron has signed national deals with Audi, Red Bull and Metro PCS," said Williams' agent, Jeff Schwartz. "He's also done a number of regional deals with other companies. Being in a larger market, there's always more opportunities, and coupled with the fact that the Nets are moving to Brooklyn, there's going to be a lot of corporate interest in both the team and its star players."