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Prokhorov Wealth Slips By $5 Billion; Putin Offers Him Cabinet Spot

Not such a great week for Mikhail Prokhorov. First, he loses the presidential race in Russia, failing to get even half what the Communist candidate received. Now, Forbes says he is one of the biggest losers on its list of billionaires, dropping nearly $5 billion in one year...and putting him behind the Trail Blazers Paul Allen among NBA owners.

Of course, he is currently lolling around on a $45 million yacht in the Caribbean Sea, having arrived at his final destination in a $45 million Gulfstream V. He's probably jet-skiing, too. So there.

Meanwhile, the man who he lost to, President-elect Vladimir Putin, thinks he'd be a great addition to the Russian cabinet. "Mikhail Dmitriyevich (Prokhorov) is a serious man, a good businessman," said Putin. "In principle, he could be in demand in the government, if he should want this himself." Prokhorov has said he would reject such an offer.