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Will D-Will Get to Brooklyn?

Julian Encarnacion
Julian Encarnacion

It has long been conventional wisdom that if the Nets fail to get Dwight Howard, Deron Williams is gone, gone, gone, and probably to Dallas. For the most part, there's little to suggest that's more than conventional wisdom. Maybe it will, but as of now, it's not. And the Nets are still pushing him in their marketing, as they have done in Times Square.

Now, in the last few days, the conventional wisdom has been challenged. First Ric Bucher in both radio and television interviews, then Fred Kerber in the Post suggest that Williams understands the value of his situation with the Nets, particularly in Brooklyn.

As Jason Gay of the Wall Street Journal writes, "Deron Williams is as sublime as it gets for basketball in this area right now. New York City is set to be a fascinating basketball experiment next season and he Nets hope Williams decides to do what everyone in this town eventually does—take a look at all the options, show some common sense and move to Brooklyn."