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To Sum Up: It's Still Magic's Decision

As John Schuhmann wrote yesterday, the end of the Dwightmare will depend far more on the Magic's long-term plans than Brook Lopez's short-term health issues. Fred Kerber thinks the same, that Lopez being out for three weeks is no where nearly as important as the Magic's decision to either trade Dwight Howard or try their best at keeping him around through July 1.

The team still clings to the hope Howard will chose to remain with the Magic. In talks with team brass, he proclaims his love of team and city. At least on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. The other days, nothing has changed with his trade request.

That said, writes Kerber, the Nets "remain the one team with the most of what Orlando needs: assets. The Nets have players, draft picks, cap space." That cap space may be key, league sources suggest, with the Magic trying to deal either Hedo Turkoglu or Glen "Big Baby" Davis and draft bust Daniel Orton. Davis is actually owed more money than Turkoglu.

In an interview Tuesday morning on WFAN, Adrian Wojnarowski said the Magic continue their attempts to acquire players that could help make the team more attractive to Howard, but said none appear to be bearing fruit. He added that at some point soon, Howard will lean toward staying in Orlando and target free agency, not wanting to strip his new teams of assets.