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Bucher Paints Rosy Picture on Nets; Magic Ownership Is Impediment


Rick Bucher told ESPN Radio and Sports Center Monday that the Nets remain in the driver's seat for Dwight Howard and that big impediment to getting a deal done is not Otis Smith but "ownership", specifically Rich DeVos and CEO Alex Martins. Bucher also thinks that the Magic still believe they can convince Howard to stay.

Everything I've heard over the last month or so is are they going to make a deal with New Jersey or are they going to hold on to him and say, 'We're going to finish the season and take our chances this summer. I really can't see them rolling the dice on that.

Bucher also suggested that Deron Williams and Billy King have a good relationship and things that if Howard falls through, there are other options.

[The Nets] have cap room, they have draft picks so its basically Billy King has said to Deron, this is Plan A if we get Dwight. This is Plan B, C and D, if we don't. So unless Deron is completely throwing them for a loop, he knows the other options that they have and he knows what the potential of Brooklyn is and he is already getting marketing deals that he would have never gotten in Utah.