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Prokhorov To Finish Third in Russia, According To Initial Exit Polls


The NBA's first international owner will not be become the first NBA owner to be elected president...of any country.

Despite the best efforts of Russian Nets fans like Sergei, Vladimir Putin is projected to get 59 per cent of the vote, enough for him to avoid a runoff and be inaugurated in May. Prokhorov's projected to come away with around nine percent, a bit more than expected, but behind Putin and Communist Gennady Zyuganov.

In a tweet earlier Sunday, Prokhorov said "Whatever the result, I believe we won. Because now actively thinking people will form a new political force. " Prokhorov has said he will work with supporters to form an opposition party to Putin's United Russia coalition.

Prokhorov said on Channel One television after the vote that his observers had been kept away from some polling stations and were beaten on two occasions.