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Bogdanovic Scores 22 in Fener Win

B. Petrinovic - Crobasket
B. Petrinovic - Crobasket

You don't read much in trade rumors about Bojan Bogdanovic but it's not because he isn't valuable. It's just that he plays 5,000 miles away in Istanbul. Still, he continues to do well. On Sunday, the 6'8" swingman scored 22 points in a two-point Fenerbahce win over Turk Telecom, Mehmet Okur's old team.

Bogdanovic shot 10-for-21, 1-for-7 from deep, and was the game's high scorer. One reason Bogdanovic may not have value in trade talks is that the 22-year-old may have to spend another two years in Turkey. The Magic are still stung by their experience with Fran Vasquez, a 6'11" Spanish shot blocker who they took at #11 in the 2005 Draft but declined to sign an NBA contract. One other reason: The Nets are high on Bogdanovic.