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Architect: "An Arena Like a Theatre"

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The Daily News, in what is the most extensive and most glowing look at Barclays Center yet, reports the "this building will change New York City and the borough of Brooklyn forever."

What's more, the arena's architect describes the look inside as unique to NBA arenas. "It’s going to be this black box inside. Like a theater. The verticality of the seats as they rise means everyone is going to be right on top of the court," says Gregg Pasquarelli, adding in an unfortunate nod to reality, "When the Nets get good, the place is going to hop."

Although much of what is written has long been known to Nets fans, there are some new details in the three-page spread. Here's one...when the team enters or leaves the locker room, they will pass a floor-to-ceiling glass wall, part of the Jay-Z inspired Vault Club.