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Gerald Green's (Very) Uplifting Story

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It's only been two games, but at least on offense, it looks like Gerald Green is the best small forward the Nets have tried in a season-long search. Three are down for the season following foot surgery (Damion James, Keith Bogans and Shawne Williams) and two previous D-League call-ups didn't cut it (Larry Owens and Andre Emmett).

In 41 minutes over two games, Green has scored 21 points, shot 56.3 percent overall, 40.0 percent from three, grabbed five boards ... not to mention crushing several jaw-dropping dunks. Not bad for a kid with three practices under his belt. He has already developed a rooting section among those who worked with him in Boston and now New Jersey.

"The kid’s mature. He’s hungry. He wants to get it right." said his current coach Avery Johnson. "He’s skilled," added his former coach, Doc Rivers. "People look at Gerald and they just saw this freak athlete that won the dunk contest. Gerald can make shots. He can really shoot the basketball. He just hadn’t been taught how to play basketball."