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Suites, Concourse, Locker Rooms Taking Shape in Brooklyn

Brooklyn Sports & Entertainment
Brooklyn Sports & Entertainment

When Avery Johnson got his tour of the Barclays Center Tuesday, he was as always full of enthusiasm for the job that the contractors had done and for what the finished product would look like. The suites (including those of Mikhail Prokhorov and Jay-Z pictured above) have been framed out and finishes are being applied.

"Look at the architecture of this arena, when you get inside and see the intimacy, how the fans are going to be right on top of the court," said Johnson.

Indeed, a construction alert issued the same day Johnson visited the site details how work is progressing at the site.

--Erection of the canopy over the main entrance, starting with steel framing, will begin during the next two weeks. The canopy will be the "prow" of the arena, sweeping in an arc 80-feet out from the entrance walls. Its most distinctive feature will be a 30-foot high "oculus", an opening to the sky whose interior walls will form a large video screen.

--The roof supports, which helped hold up the roof as it was installed, have been removed.

--Curb installation work and street light installation work will begin along Flatbush Avenue, all of it happening overnight. This work will continue for the month of April. Then, on completion of this work, the sidewalks in front of the arena will then be installed. The work will continue in May.

--Finishes will be applied at concession stands as well as suites. At the same time, the "Nets Campus" (the locker room and associated areas) will be fitted out. Locker room showers have already had finishes applied. The Nets individual lockers have been completed and will be installed soon.

--Facade erection is now nearly wrapped around the entire lower level of the arena with the "back" of the arena nearly complete. The facade is expected to be completed by late May.

--The $72 million Transit Connection is nearing completion as well, with its own architectural signature.