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Brooks Hazing Carries Heavy Load

Deron Williams on Twitter
Deron Williams on Twitter

Sometime during a visit to a Brooklyn community event Tuesday, MarShon Brooks was reminded that he is still a rookie. While sitting for an interview with Pete Tenney of Brooklyn Fans, one of his teammates tossed him a rather colorful purse to carry. Who tossed it remains a mystery, but Shelden Williams, Jordan Farmar and Kris Humphries are all suspects.

It didn't end there of course, this being the Twitter age. Shelden Williams posted a photo of Brooks on the receiving end of the toss, Deron Williams posted another one of "MarSwag" dealing with the aftermath and Yahoo! Sports memorialized the Shelden Williams tweet for Ball Don't Lie blog readers.

Williams, never one to miss a marketing opportunity, later tweeted, "I took that great pic of with Galaxy Attain 4G 3MP camera with flash: ." D-Will reps Metro PCS.

Making matters even worse, Gina Antoniello, the Nets "in-game host", tweeted this: " i have the same gorgeous handbag that MarShon is elegantly donning. A 'who wore it better' Nets edition post is in order."

“Lol it's war out here now,” Brooks replied.