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J-Will's Improvement a Bright Turn

Devin Kharpertian, using advanced statistics and video splices, looks at how Jordan Williams' emergence at season's end has to be considered a positive sign for both the 21-year-old and the Nets.

Over the past three games, he seems to have hit his stride, averaging 9.7 points and 4.3 boards in 18 minutes. He'd shown some flashes of potential earlier in the season, both with the Nets and the Armor. Now, though, he seems more comfortable in his role as first big off the bench, taking minutes that used to belong to Johan Petro.

Kharpertian of The Nets are Scorching sums up Williams' biggest asset this way: "a willingness to play within his limitations and maximize his production with smart offensive reads. Specifically in the past three games, Williams has shown a sliver of what he might become with proper training in the NBA ... for the 36th pick in the draft, you could certainly do worse than someone with solid offensive instincts and a soft touch at the rim."