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Avery: Barclays Has "Wow Factor"

Barry Baum - Brooklyn Sports & Entertainment
Barry Baum - Brooklyn Sports & Entertainment

Avery Johnson had a busy day Tuesday: a review of tape from the Jazz game which fans felt was unwatchable and one which he admitted his team was "unprofessional"; a more upbeat talk with Harlem kids and a visit to the Barclays Center, which he hadn't seen since the roof went up a few months back. Superlatives flew.

"This is going to be the best NBA arena in all of professional basketball, you know why? Because it has a wow factor," said Johnson after the tour which included a visit to the head coach's office. "This is going to be a real home-court advantage for the Brooklyn Nets and it's really exciting,"

With Opening Night a mere six months from Wednesday, the Nets are increasingly their visibility in the community as well. Four Nets, Kris Humphries, Jordan Farmar, Shelden Williams and Marshon Brooks visited Brooklyn Community Services to work with people with disabilities.