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Nets Scout In Search of EuroStars

Evan Fournier (Benoit DuJardin, Poitiers Basket)
Evan Fournier (Benoit DuJardin, Poitiers Basket)

Danko Cvjeticanin, the Nets international scout, is highly respected within the Nets front office. His reports on Bojan Bogdanovic were enough for the Nets to buy the Heat second round pick for around $1.5 million last June and take the 6'8" Croatian swingman. Chad Ford called Bogdanovic one of the steals of the Draft.

So when Cvjeticanin shows up for a game anywhere in Europe --and he often makes his own schedule-- bloggers take note. Sunday, he was in Cholet, France, on a typical scouting trip, looking at two promising 19-year-olds: 6'7" point guard Evan Fournier of Poitiers (the subject of an SB Nation profile earlier this month) and 7'0" Rudy Gobert of Cholet (who may still be growing).

Fournier is the more likely to declare and is the more developed. Quick and poised if physically immature, Fournier has reportedly made the Nets short list for the Rockets pick. Whether the Nets will have the Rockets pick or not (Daryl Morey, the Houston GM, was also at the game), Cvjeticanin's scouting data gets inputted into the Net computers and the Nets scout moves on to the next European game. Here's some of what Cvjeticanin saw. Fourier is #10 in blue, Gobert #15 in white.