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Green: "God Has Blessed Me With Second Chance"


In an interview with SLAM, Gerald Green talks about the road back to the NBA and how blessed he feels that the Nets took a chance on him (when others wouldn't) and gave him the security of a guaranteed contract this month.

"God has blessed me with a second chance," Green said of his time with the Nets, who are feeling a bit blessed as well.

Green talked a lot about his journey back, from the Russian and Chinese leagues, where he made good money but got no exposure, to the D-League, where the situation was reversed. He notes staying with the D-League was a challenge but one that speaks to his new maturity.

"I think I use my brain more instead of just trying to use my athleticism. I think I’m a lot smarter than I was when I came into the league," said the Nets' swingman.