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Yormark: Jay-Z Wants Nets Fans Treated Like "Celebrities" at Barclays

Speaking at the World Congress of Sports in Los Angeles last week, Brett Yormark said he and Jay-Z want Barclays Center staff to treat Nets fans and others attending events at the Brooklyn arena like "celebrities".

"I had a meeting with Jay-Z six months ago. He said your goal is to make sure that everyone leaves feeling like they were a celebrity that night," Yormark said. "And that truly is the differentiator, at least in our mind, because I’m not sure anyone is leaving any venue in New York saying, ‘Boy, I had a great experience tonight, they treated me well.’

Key to the goal, said Yormark, is the arena's deal with Disney Institute to train staff and help create a family-friendly, feel-good air at NBA games, said Yormark.