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Game 50 - Nets vs. Bobcats - Saturday, March 24, 7:30

It would be unfair and disrespectful to call a game between two NBA teams the "Anthony Davis Bowl", but it would not be inaccurate. Two of the NBA's bottom four team battle Saturday in Newark with little left to play for other than a better shot at the 6'11" Kentucky big man, the consensus #1 pick in the Draft and their pride.

The Bobcats seem assured of the most ping-pong balls this May, having won only seven games and lost to the Nets three times already. The Nets, with 15 wins and holding, currently have the fourth worst record in the NBA. They, of course, need to get one of the first three picks or will have to surrender the pick to the Trail Blazers.

The two teams have the same record over the last 10 games, 3-7, and Charlotte has tasted victory more recently, three games ago. The Nets are on a five-game losing streak. The Bobcats biggest problem of late has been their interior defense. On Friday night, they gave up 72 points in the paint in a 20-point loss to the Bucks.