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Byron Scott Remembers 9-11

The day after the Cavaliers beat the Nets on Monday, Byron Scott took his team to the World Trade Center Memorial as a way of paying tribute to those who died on September 11, 2001, just as he was about to begin his second season as Nets coach.

"I got in my office, turned the TV on real quick and started hearing the reports of us being under attack and I could see the second plane coming," Scott told the Cleveland Plain-Dealer. "It showed the second plane coming and it hit the second tower and I was amazed. I saw it on TV, but then I went outside the office. It was like a movie. You didn't think this was really happening."

During the visit, Scott had to check on Kyrie Irving, whose father worked in 1 World Trade Center that morning. Irving, then 10, didn't know the fate of his father before he called home. "We do understand that some of these guys were [very young] when this happened. But it's still a very significant part of history when you're being attacked by terrorists. We thought it was important."