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D-Will Talks Again, Excited About Barclays Center

Deron Williams didn't speak to the media after the Nets loss to the Cavs on Monday. But he made up for it by speaking twice on Tuesday.

First, at practice, he expressed his frustration with the mistakes the Nets have been making time and time again.

Then, at an appearance at Fulton Mall, Williams expressed his excitement about the Nets' move to Brooklyn. He's not making a commitment to re-signing, of course, but he's sending out positive vibes.

"[The Barclays Center] is going to be state of the art, it's going to be the best arena in the NBA hands down," Williams said. "I’m excited to see it when it’s complete and hopefully play there."

He also said that he's enjoying his time in New York, and said that the addition of Gerald Wallace "is definitely going to help this team, help this organization. He’s a great player... He’s still relatively young and can help us in the future."