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Power Rankings: Been There

Power rankings are little late this week. Not because the writers didn't post them, but because we took our sweet time finding them. Besides, there was little new, little movement, just a whole of talk about the failed marriage of Deron Williams and Dwight Howard, about which we've heard enough, thank you very much.

Everyone has the Nets in that same 25-to-27 range. John Schuhmann has the most trenchant analysis this week, pointing out, "(Deron Williams) is going to be making his decision having barely played with his two best teammates. In 13 months, he's played just 17 games with Brook Lopez, who's still out with a sprained ankle. And at most, he'll have played 21 games with Gerald Wallace." If he's lucky, he will play about 15 with both of them.

Marc Stein has a different take. "Did the Nets give away too much for Gerald Wallace by surrendering a first-rounder protected only 1-3 in the June draft? And is Crash's arrival -- unless he was acquired to sweeten trade offers for Dwight -- really going to excite D-Will about the Nets' future?"