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Lopez: "Definitely Want to Stay a Net"

Think about this way: two of the best centers in the NBA want to play next year for a team that has won 46 games in the past two and a half years. Gotta be a credit to somebody.

Dwight Howard's position is well known: the Nets are his top option if and when he leaves Orlando. But Brook Lopez, despite his lifetime pass to Disney parks, doesn't want to head south to Orlando, but east to Brooklyn. "I do want to stay. It’s the only thing I’ve known and I’ve enjoyed my time here, no question," Lopez told Fred Kerber.

He also said he wants to play with Howard to form a Twin Towers of Brooklyn. Asked how'd he feel if he wasn't traded by March 15, he replied, "I’d definitely be relieved, no question. Like I said, I like being here. I like being a Net.”