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Brooks Riding High in Rookie Ranks But Will Have To Adjust Scoring


Marshon Brooks knows he will have to adjust with the return of Brook Lopez. That's a given, but as Avery Johnson said Thursday, Brooks is likely to have new opportunities in an offense that will be running more. "He has to continue to run the floor because guys like Brooks or Gerald Green, we need them to get them fast break points because Anthony (Morrow) obviously stops at the three (point line)."

So Brooks may score in different ways, but he will score. As David Thorpe writes Friday in calling Brooks the second best scorer in the rookie class, "Brooks is just a natural scorer, with the requisite skills and body to slip or explode by people. He's also an expert at creating angles to get the job done." Thorpe ranks Brooks at #6 this week, while Drew Packham has him top three.