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Game 37 - Nets @ Celtics - Friday, March 2, 7:30

The Nets have won three straight on the road against top competition, vs. the Bulls, Knicks and Mavericks. In each case, the opponent was hot. Friday, they go into Boston, where the Celtics are anything but hot. They're 3-7 over the last ten, there are reports that all of their Big Three and Rajon Rondo can be had before the trade deadline and they're tied with the Knicks for the last playoff sport in the East. Very un-Celtic-like.

Meanwhile, the Nets have to have a certain degree of confidence. In two of those last three road wins, Deron WIlliams (Knicks) and Brook Lopez (Mavericks) exploded for 38 points. What could have been all season is finally at hand.

The explosions by Williams and in particular Lopez means the burden of scoring will have to be adjusted. Marshon Brooks will be getting fewer touches, at least in the half court, and Lopez will be asked to think more about passing out of double teams to the Nets' reliable set of three point shooters. The game may be more important for two Nets, for Brooks because he was drafted and then traded by Boston, and Gerald Green, because this was the team that drafted him and then sent him packing. Also, Jordan Farmar is expected back.