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Farmar Likely Out Monday, Shelden To Play Hurt, D-Will Laments Injuries

The Nets will likely be without Jordan Farmar for the third straight game on Monday. Avery Johnson said there's a 30 percent chance of Farmar, still nursing a sore groin, being able to play against the Cavs. The good news is that Shelden Williams, the only Net to play in every game this season, will play through a shoulder injury he suffered on Saturday.

Meanwhile, Deron Williams believes the Nets would have been a playoff team this season if they were healthy. "It’s just been a tough year for everybody, I think, to get any type of chemistry," Williams said, "especially in a shortened season where there’s not a lot of practice, guys are coming in and out, we’ve had a lot of D-League callups, it’s just hard to build chemistry."

Gerald Green, fresh off his contract signing, said the decision not to extend his deal beyond this season was "mutual" and that he hopes to re-sign with the Nets in the summer. "Next year, I don’t think I’m going anywhere," said Green. "I’m going to be here and I think we can definitely work something out. I wanted the team to have all the flexibility it could."