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Nets Got Two TE's in Wallace Deal

It wasn't publicized but the Nets wound up with two trade exceptions in the Gerald Wallace trade, one for $3 million and the other for $1.3 million, the team tells NetsDaily. The exceptions are normally good for a year.

In the trade, the Nets sent out $13.9 million in salary, Mehmet Okur's $10.9 million and Shawne Williams' $3.0 million. Wallace makes $9.5 million (and has some incentives the league deems unlikely). The exceptions could have value as early as Draft Night.

TE's cannot be combined and can be used in single player trades only, though additional cash and draft picks can be part of the trade. They can also be used to pick up players off waivers. Exceptions remain on the books for a year, but like any exceptions can be renounced to clear cap space.