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D-Will, Wallace in Starting Lineup Saturday vs. Hornets

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The Nets are short-handed Friday vs. the Magic (no, that's not a joke about missing Dwight Howard). With both Deron Williams (left calf) and Jordan Farmar (groin) out, Sundiata Gaines will start with D-League call-up Jerry Smith backing him up.

Avery Johnson said D-Will will be back Saturday vs. the Hornets and that Gerald Wallace will start his first game as a Net (wearing #45) at small forward. Johnson said he has informed DeShawn Stevenson of the change. While Stevenson has been getting the start, Gerald Green has been playing the most minutes. Nets insiders say Green will still get minutes. One possibility: Wallace could spell Humphries at power forward, leaving minutes for Green at small forward.

Andy Vasquez tweeted that Green is close to a two-year deal. Green could sign a deal tomorrow that keeps him with the Nets through next season. "That's where things are headed right now," Green said.