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Free Agency 2012: Nets Are Best

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With Dwight Howard no longer on the list, ESPN's Tom Haberstroh ranks the top free agents of 2012. And the top two are Nets.

Of No. 1 Deron Williams, Haberstroh writes, "Don't sleep on this guy just because he played on a bare-bones roster this season; he's one of the top dozen or so players in the game. Yes, he's in the midst of a down year on 2-pointers, but he can still bring a stronger package than almost every point guard."

And of No. 2 Brook Lopez (restricted), Haberstroh says "If you come from the school of thought that players don't become injury-prone overnight, then Brook Lopez is the guy for you... His rebounding struggles are a legitimate concern going forward, but few players can rival his offensive skill set at the center position."