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Game 45 - Nets @ Magic - Friday, March 16, 7:00


Welcome to The Day After, when the irony level is at its highest. This was supposed to a day of awkward celebration, when the Nets new center would play his first game against his old teammates in an arena he helped build. Well,it's still awkward but there's no celebration. Dwight Howard ruined the Nets' season and now he's looking to make it worse. Expect the snark factor to be as high as the irony should the Nets fall behind.

The Nets, rightly or wrongly, did everything they could to welcome the five-time All-Star, refusing to sign players to long-term contracts that might interfere with their plan to find room for him, slyly using him in promotional material for Barclays Center, basically placing all their hope and faith in him. Then at the last minute, they watched helplessly as he backed out of a planned partnership...jilted, abandoned, same old Nets.

The Nets go into Orlando ill-equipped to battle Howard and the Magic Friday. Deron Williams is day-to-day. Brook Lopez is a week away from re-evaluation of his sprained ankle and Gerald Wallace, the tough, no-nonsense forward who became the Nets consolation prize, won't be available until Saturday vs. the Hornets. The Magic, of course, have been on a roll, winning three of their last four, with wins against the Pacers, Bulls, Heat as well as the Nets front office.