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King: Trade Was About Wallace

Billy King spoke to reporters late Thursday about his reasons for trading Mehmet Okur, Shawne Williams and the Nets lightly protected 2012 pick for Gerald Wallace.

"This trade was really done to get us a small forward," King said, "a former All-Star, somebody to give us some great defense, versatility, someone to play hard ..." As for protecting the pick only #1 through #3, King said following conversations with their scouts, the team did not see any immediate-impact players beyond their projected top three in next year’s draft.

The Nets will have an estimated $8 million to play with in free agency, King said. Conor Orr reported that King had tried to expand the deal to include Marcus Camby and Jamal Crawford but were unsuccessful.

King said Wallace, who played in New York vs. the Knicks Wednesday night, will join the Nets Saturday night in Newark vs. the Hornets. The Nets have to make a decision this weekend on whether to extend another small forward named Gerald, Gerald Green. It's expected that the 26-year-old Green will be signed for the rest of the year.