Summer of 2013??

The more I look at this trade the more it looks to me as if BK is getting ready for the Class of 2013 free agents. This whole day I've tried to put myself in BK's shoes and what would I do if I was him. Obviously we tried to get Dwight Howard since the beginning of the season and it turned out to be a failure but I seriously think this is plan B. Look how fast BK got this trade done. I think it was like within an hour once DH said he was returning to ORL that I heard the trade for Wallace announced.

2013 free agents

Look at our salary committments after the 2013 season

So why did we have to make this trade? Because we also would be under the cap this year if Jordan Farmar and Shawne Williams opted out and that would mean we wouldve had to sign players like we did with Farmar, Petro and Outlaw a few years back. This trade for Wallace means that we dont have to worry about filling in our roster with dead weight players and give them contracts.

I'm not sure exactly what BK's intentions are here. He has two options. One of them is to trade with Orlando next season and take back a ton of contracts from ORL and give them all our expiring ones. The other of course is to wait til the summer and see how far the team will take us.

Maybe I'm looking at this a little tooo glass half full but I feel like there is a plan because Billy King can't be that dumb. Hopefully Deron Williams buys in because he really has become one of my favorite basketball players to watch. I'm sure I've got some holes in my argument but let's all share the vision...