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Dwightmare Ends: Howard Staying in Orlando

For the second time in two years, the Nets' season-long pursuit of a star player has ended in disappointment and bitterness. Like Carmelo Anthony a year ago, Dwight Howard won't be wearing a Nets uniform at the trade deadline.

After much back-and-forth and talk of loyalty, Howard signed his ETO waiver with the Magic and will be staying in Orlando for another year. The move officially endis the Nets' four-month long pursuit of the All-Star center, a pursuit that they seemed certain to succeed at only 12 hours ago.

Howard will remain a member of the Magic through next July, at which time Dwightmare II may emerge. He will earn $19.5 million. Howard said he chose loyalty over business opportunities. "I just love this city too much. I love the people here. I love the organization. And I want to give it a shot."