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Nets Signal Not Trading Williams, Moving Beyond Howard Deal

Despite ever more credible reports out of Orlando that Dwight Howard is staying another year with the Magic, the Nets are letting teams know that Deron Williams is NOT available, reports Marc Stein.

Adrian Wojnarowski and Ric Bucher are saying the same thing, with both suggesting the Nets are going to be very active in trying to find players to build around Williams. One name suggested by Woj: Jamal Crawford

"All signals from all angles point to Nets rebuffing any trade interest in D-Will over next 4 1/2 hours. That's what they're telling teams," tweeted Stein. Pundits have been suggesting that without a Howard home run, Williams is likely to leave, with most thinking he will sign with Dallas.

"The Nets will be very active," Woj told Evan Roberts and Joe Benigno. "They want to keep him and go forward. They're better off trying to find players to surround him with. Trading him now would be such a panic move. They want to build around him and keep him as a cornerstone for Brooklyn." Bucher on ESPN and in a tweet said that the Nets have deals in place to put talent around DWill and they will pull the trigger when Dwight signs with Orlando.

"Nets turning page, convinced DH is signing ETO," Bucher tweeted. "Will look to do a different deal - and no they're not moving Deron."

Meanwhile, John Hollinger has been kind enough to offer his ideas on what the Nets should do with Williams, but you'll have to pay to read it. It's on ESPN Insider.