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Would D-Will Stay Without Dwight? Would Brooklyn, Bucks Be Enough?

Jac Cheairs - Nets Basketball
Jac Cheairs - Nets Basketball

If Dwight Howard stays in Orlando, would Deron Williams be willing to put down roots in Brooklyn? That could become the big question for the Nets at 3:01 p.m. Thursday. If he signs with the Nets, he will get a fifth year and a total of $109 million, about $24 million more than if he opts out.

Williams hasn't been saying much of late, even if he did put his chances of a return at 90% back in December. But in comments to the media Wednesday, he was full of enthusiasm about the move to Brooklyn and how it's already helped his visibility. He also complimented Billy King and Avery Johnson and Adrian Wojnarowski tweeted Thursday, "If DHoward does opt-in for '12-13 season, Nets working on several scenarios to try and surround Deron Williams with talent, sources say."

"It’s been a lot different than Utah, that’s for sure," said Williams, who has picked up endorsements from Audi, Metro PCS, Bonobos suits and Red Bull. "It’s definitely a bigger market, a better market, able to reach more people.A lot of the companies I’m dealing with are excited about the move to Brooklyn. It really excites them.

"The first month I was here, I probably had more conversation with management and Coach than I did for a while in Utah," Williams said.