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Woj: Magic Move Into Trade Mode

Adrian Wojnarowski reports that with Dwight Howard refusing to waive his player option, the Magic have moved into trade mode, less than a day before the trading deadline.

After a tumultuous 24 hours of watching Dwight Howard repeatedly change his mind about his free-agent intentions, the Orlando Magic are moving quickly toward trading their franchise center, league sources told Yahoo! Sports.

Woj also reported that "the Nets ... are expected to make Brook Lopez, first-round picks and other assets available to the Magic in a potential package." The Houston Rockets also are trying to acquire Howard, Woj added quoting league sources, even though he hasn’t committed to signing a long-term extension with them. It's not known what assets the Rockets are offering. One thing they can't offer is their first round draft pick, which the Nets control.

Not everyone thinks the Nets want to do a deal Thursday. Shaun Powell of writes that the Nets are "seriously rethinking the notion of trading for Howard. The feeling in Jersey/Brooklyn is Howard will sign this summer as a free agent anyway; why gut the team just to have him an extra month?"