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Is Dwight Howard Staying or Going?

There's conflicting information Wednesday about Dwight Howard's intentions.

First, multiple reports indicated that that Dwight Howard has told his Magic teammates --and some in the Magic organization-- that he will not exercise his early termination option and will stay in Orlando another year before becoming a free agent. However, the Magic have yet to receive any agreement to stay in writing.

Then later, Adrian Wojnarowski and Marc J. Spears reported that while Howard told his teammates he was all in on this year's efforts to win a championship --and told each of them what he needed from them-- "he did not tell them he was opting in for next year." Woj and Spears spoke with three players in the meeting and one told them, "Next year was not even mentioned in meeting...He told us he was 'all-in' for this season." Spears tweeted, "Two Magic players said DH told players at shootaround to keeping doing jobs, be accountable and they have a chance to win. Nothing on opt-in."

Similarly, Ken Berger tweeted, "Some came away thinking Howard said he was 'all in' for the rest of the season, while others thought he meant next season, sources say." Later still, Alex Kennedy tweeted, "Regardless of what Dwight Howard said during meeting with teammates, source close to Howard said he informed Alex Martins that he’ll opt-in." Finally (?), Chris Mannix tweeted, "Magic continuing to explore Dwight Howard deals, league sources tell SI. No indication anything DH has said today changing that."

The written commitment is reportedly in San Antonio with the Magic center. It's what the team needs before it will suspend efforts to trade Howard prior to Thursday's 3 p.m. ET deadline. The document would need to be signed by Howard and his agent, Dan Fegan.