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Broussard: Nets Want Howard Now; Trying For Three Team Deal

Chris Broussard reports that the Nets front office wants to acquire Dwight Howard before the trade deadline, understanding that while they could keep some of of their young assets it's prudent to get Howard in a Nets uniform ASAP. They're even trying to engage a third team to beef up their offer.

They'd rather trade for Howard this week and have the security of knowing he's a Net, even if it means losing some of their good young pieces and draft picks. To that end, the Nets are seeking a third team to sweeten their offer to Orlando. Orlando is believed to be trying to create a bidding war between the Nets and the Lakers for Howard.

Broussard did not offer any details on what the Lakers might offer. Other reports, also unconfirmed, suggest the Celtics may also be interested in entering the D12 Sweepstakes; and the Magic are trying to unload Jason Richardson's contract on the Timberwolves and getting Michael Beasley in return.