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Magic Will Wait Till Last Minute

Marc Stein and Chris Broussard think the Orlando Magic is in the final stages of the Dwightmare and very soon they'll wake up to the reality of the biggest decision the franchise will have to make in a generation.

Stein and Broussard write that the Magic are likely to continue to look for trades that could improve the team -- and convince Dwight Howard to stay -- through Wednesday. Then, Thursday, if they haven't succeeded, they'll sit down, sort through trade proposals and make a decision.

The Magic owner, Rich DeVos, remains the biggest proponent of keeping Howard seeing him as a son. As for progress in getting someone to entice Howard to stay, Stein and Broussard say the Magic's attempt to get Monta Ellis is unlikely to bear fruit.

"The Warriors, sources said, have no interest in such a swap," they write.