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Mannix: If No Trade, It's Wide Open

In a series of tweets Monday morning, Chris Mannix reports that if the Magic don't trade Dwight Howard by Thursday's deadline, expect wide open bidding for the All-Star center, with the Clippers and Heat among the the teams in the mix, despite cap issues.

"If Howard goes to free agency, throw out the three-team (Dallas, NJ, LAL) list. It's open season for bidding. LeBron, part II," tweeted Mannix, adding, "Two teams sources say tell SI Howard will have interest in: Clippers and Miami. There are cap issues, but the interest is real." As for Howard, Mannix writes he'd be happy with free agency, because he "doesn't want a team he is traded to gutted just to get him."

It's one of several developments Monday. Kris Humphries, who must approve any trade, says he would not necessarily veto any deal. It depends on where he would land. And league sources are dismissing as not credible a HoopsWorld report that the Nets are low-balling Orlando, offering only Mehmet Okur, Jordan Farmar and a protected draft pick.