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Van Gundy Seems To Vote Trade

In talking with reporters before the Magic's game against the Pacers, Stan Van Gundy seems to siding with those in the Orlando organization who want to trade Dwight Howard rather than keep him.

In tweets by the Magic's in-house beat writer, John Denton, Van Gundy is quoted as saying, "There’s closure, I guess, if (Howard) goes. If he stays it just starts all over again. You just start the clock again" and ""If (Dwight stays) everybody will be talking about, `OK, what’s going to happen in the summer? What’s going to happen next year?"

All season long, Van Gundy has dismissed concerns that Howard's future is affecting his team negatively.

Magic CEO Alex Martins indicated Sunday that the team has not decided whether it will trade Howard before the NBA trade deadline on Thursday afternoon. Ken Berger reports that the Magic would like to send him to the Bulls, but that Howard's "apparent reluctance to make a long-term commitment to Chicago has all but killed the discussions."