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Orlando Awaits Trade Deadline

The Orlando Sentinel ran a page-full of Dwight Howard stories on Sunday (complete with a trade deadline clock), trying to help readers understand what may or may not happen this week. "Do not be ashamed if the Dwight Howard saga confuses you," it notes.

In the stories, Josh Robbins examines what Nets trade assets available to the Magic (and the "big questions" attached to each); explains how Howard wouldn't take that much of a financial hit if he goes to New Jersey in free agency; and answers the most frequently asked questions readers pose. That trade deadline clock is ticking down.

Meanwhile, Mitch Lawrence buries this nugget in the middle of his column. "Mavs officials are extremely confident that Deron Williams will come back home this summer as a free agent. They’re also keeping their fingers crossed that Williams will be able to deliver Howard, which will not make teams out West very happy."