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Did Howard "Sabotage" The Magic?

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In a Saturday column, Brian Schmitz of the Orlando Sentinel seems to be saying that Dwight Howard has wanted to play with the Nets all along and has deliberately "sabotaged" the Magic's attempts to get value for him from any other team. As a result, writes Schmitz, the Magic are likely to keep him and go the route of rebuilding using cap space and draft picks.

After saying that Howard was well within his rights to choose free agency, Schmitz then goes after Howard.

He told the Magic they could trade him to the L.A. Lakers, Dallas Mavs or New Jersey Nets.

He then sabotaged what I believed is/was the best deal by letting the Lakers know he would not re-sign, thus costing the Magic a shot at Andrew Bynum.

What was the point of the trade list when he really wants to join the Nets?

Schmitz doesn't say so directly, but seems to imply that the Magic's decision to keep him will be payback for Howard's refusal to cooperate. It's all very cold.