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Avery: "Deron Has Every Intention of Re-Signing With Us"

Avery Johnson was on the phone with Jim Rome Thursday and used the opportunity to tell Rome and his audience the status of the Nets' relationship with Deron Williams.

Nothing's changed. The main thing is that Deron has been really consistent. He says basically that he has every intention of re-signing with us. Obviously, he is going to have a period where he will become a free agent. From a business standpoint, he's obviously going to keep the boxes open but we believe he has every intention of re-signing with us. We're here with him every day. I know how things sound with a sound bite. For the most part, he has taken his whole statement when we talk about it. If you look at what he's been saying, I think he has every intention to re-sign with us and until we learn something differently, we're gonna just keep working at it.