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Nets In The Mix For Beasley?

It seems like a given that Michael Beasley is in his last weeks as a member of the Timberwolves, despite the 27 points he scored Wednesday. He's been relegated to the bench and the T-Wolves seem tired of his immaturity. But with raw talent, other teams are interested in him, and the Nets are one, Sam Amico reports.

"According to multiple FOX Sports Ohio sources, the Wolves have already spoken with New Jersey, Houston and the L.A. Lakers about Beasley," Amico wrote Thursday morning, adding that all the teams "are said to still be open to a deal." He also suggested that Boston might be the best landing spot for Beasley who has an expiring $6.2 million contract and an $8.2 million cap hold next summer.

Why might the Nets be interested? New Jersey/Brooklyn will be looking to unload a number of small multi-year deals, those belonging to Jordan Farmar, Shawne Williams and Johan Petro, who are the books for a total of $10.6 million next season. However, the Wolves reported wanted two first round picks from L.A.