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Bogans Has Torn Ligament, Broken Ankle

The Nets announced Thursday afternoon that Keith Bogans has "a complete tear of the deltoid ligament as well as a fractured left ankle" and will undergo surgery on Monday. His season is over.

Bogans injured the ankle near the end of the fourth quarter of Wednesday's loss to the Pistons, attempting to stop a Greg Monroe drive after Kris Humphries let Monroe go by him.

"My reaction," Avery Johnson said, "is it's really tough when we're screaming like 50 times, 'We don't want Monroe to go left. He's a left-handed player and he has two left hands.' We're screaming, 'We don't want him to go left,' but we still allow him to go left and dunk on us. And, as a result, Bogans gets tangled up inside and comes down wrong. It's just unfortunate that we didn't execute and defend somebody's individual strength, and Bogans gets hurt on the same play."

Bogans was signed just eight days ago, played in five games, and scored 21 points for the Nets.