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Three Armor Players Heading for Orlando and D-League Classic

JamesOn Curry - New Jersey Nets
JamesOn Curry - New Jersey Nets

While the Nets await word on whether Deron Willliams will be in Orlando at the end of the month for All-Star Weekend, three Armor players, including two who spent time in the Nets camp, have already gotten word they're heading south.

Nets camp invites Jerry Smith, D-League Player of the Week, and JamesOn Curry along with center Jeff Foote were named to the Eastern Conference team which will face off against the West on Saturday, Feb. 25. The game will be broadcast on NBA TV at 2 p.m. ET.

The Armor is one of two teams with three players headed to Orlando. The other is the Los Angeles D-Fenders, the Lakers affiliate. The Nets run basketball operations in Springfield.

The selection of Smith, Curry and Foote are the latest indications of the success the Nets have had with the Armor. The Springfield team is enjoying its first winning season; Dennis Horner filled in at the beginning of the season and Jordan Williams played much better for the Nets after a short stint with the Armor.