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Writers Paint Ugly Future for Nets

If you want to get (more) depressed about the Nets and their future, we offer you an online discussion among six writers who were asked, "If you’re Deron Williams, do you still believe in the rosy future the Nets have been pitching?" Only one of the six, John Schuhmann, offers an unqualified yes. The others? Ugh.

"I didn’t believe in it when the Nets first traded for him," answers Fran Blinebury.

" If I’m Deron Williams, I never believed it in the first place. Based on what?," says Scott Howard-Cooper.

"Until they prove otherwise, the Nets are cursed," Shaun Powell offers.

"Who says he ever believed it?" Sekou Smith asks.

Schuhmann defends the faith Nets fans have in the futre, noting, "Williams expressed confidence in Billy King’s game plan, which is to go all-in on Dwight Howard." Steve Aschburner, the other writer in group, simply advises D-Will to stay, arguing, "If I'm Deron Williams, I believe in my ability to help a team realize the sort of future the Nets have been pitching".