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Rookies, Sophs Join Forces

Marshon Brooks did some shooting after practice Tuesday, looked comfortable, but he'll miss at least three more games, two against the Pistons and one against the Spurs. Whether he's playing again a week from Thursday could impact whether he'll be playing in Orlando at the end of the month.

That's the day that Charles Barkley and Shaquille O'Neal will be divving up first and second year players for a new event at the All-Star Break February 24-26. Instead of a rookie sophomore game, the young players will be put into a pool, which will be announced Wednesday and then selected by Sir Charles and Shaq on February 16. Other than Brooks, Jordan Williams could also get "re-drafted".

Meanwhile, David Thorpe ranks the top 25 players under 25. He puts Brook Lopez at #25, writing "Before his foot injury, Lopez had hit a wall developmentally. He wakes up every day as a very good player, but has much more potential left to tap. He needs to take better shots, think the game more and be a monster on the glass."