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Prokhorov: Nets Will Be Champs

Lost in the political coverage of Mikhail Prokhorov's promise to divest himself of billions if elected Russia's president is this: an interview from last week in which he re-affirmed his promise to make the Nets NBA champions by 2015.

According to the Sports Tribune, Russia's big sports site (and home of a Nets blog), Prokhorov told a Moscow newspaper that he remains committed to the team. There was no mention of his plan to sell all his assets.

"I have no concerns about that project," said speaking about Barclays Center. "Our main target is to win the NBA. I promised to do it within five years and I am sure we will succeed." Prokhorov also said the move from New Jersey, a state of "small houses" to Brooklyn and its "denser fan base" will cause the franchise value to rise to "several hundred million in no time."