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Prokhorov's Position Uncertain

M D Prokhorov
M D Prokhorov

The Nets found out that their owner was running for President of Russia when he announced it. Everyone said at the time that the decision wouldn't affect how the Nets are run, but more recently, Prokhorov has said he will sell virtually all his assets, presumably including the Nets. That obviously would affect the Nets.

Recently, Prokhorov's top two Moscow-based officials, Dmitry Razumov and Christophe Charlier, were seen courtside at Nets games, Razumov at the Warriors game, Charlier at the Timberwolves game. No one is saying whether the two discussed what would happen in the (unlikely) event their boss won ... and Prokhorov has said not all of his top people agreed with his decision to run.

One thing does appear certain: Prokhorov's continued ownership of the Nets is a big recruiting tool for the Nets and if he sells the club, the team's future is not as secure as it was.